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We know how to shape sausage

Food is valuable. Which is why it is important to work with high-quality equipment, especially when dealing with sausage and meat products. We have developed our high-quality and hygienically-designed stainless steel products especially for this purpose.

Ranging from press systems to butchery equipment and spare parts, we make only the best quality products to ensure that your products are of highest quality: We have been developing innovative presses for sausage and meat companies with inventiveness, courage and passion since the early 1970s. Today, our FOOD PRESS SYSTEMS® ensure a variety of shapes and tastes worldwide. We are continuously developing our competences. We are developing our products even further through our own academy, stainless steel manufacturing, butchery and restaurant.

Whether spindle cooking presses, sausage or ham presses: our systems ensure efficiency for our customers. Cutting losses are significantly reduced resulting in a an approximate 20% reduction of required raw material. This results in higher yields and, at the same time, reduced protein waste; a valuable foodstuff. All FOOD PRESS SYSTEMS® are superior from a technical standpoint, Made in Germany on a consistent basis and of the highest quality. They have been developed with the success of our customers in mind.

Our inventive efforts are reflected in our satisfied customers in 110 different countries around the world as well as our numerous prizes and awards: in 2020, for our innovation, we were awarded the BAYERNS BEST 50 award and a ranking among the top 50 companies in Bavaria by the State of Bavaria. The Ansbach District Innovation Award and other gold awards for our Eberhardt Food products are proof of our creativity. Progress will continue to be our driving force in the future, our customers can rely on that.

Spindle cooking presses

Our patented spindle cooking presses are simply ingenious and ingeniously simple: Their versatility is apparent whether the sausages are coated with spice foil, enclosed in a net or an artificial casing during the cook-in process or open cooking. They can be moulded and smoked at the same time. 50% of processing time and energy is saved and cutting loss is reduced to less than 1% due to weight-accurate levelling and shaping. The degree of automation is thus increased enormously through equalisation. Our spindle cooking presses are extremely economical and environmentally friendly; what more could one ask for?

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At Eberhardt, we focus on form variety. This is demonstrated through our wide range of shapes and geometries which you can use to design your products according to your wishes. You can pass this variety on to your own customers, who can enjoy heart-shaped salami, hand-tied ham or a sausage made in their their own custom shape. That makes it taste twice as delicious! Another advantage of our moulds is that they produce a fully levelled product which always corresponds to the exact packaging dimension.

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Eberhardt special paper

Our multifunctional special paper increases the quality and profitability of your products. It acts as the perfect complement for drying, smoking and cooking using Eberhardt shaping grids.

  • reduces the leakage of liquid
  • smoke permeable
  • heat resistant up to 220 °C / 428 °F
  • easily detachable from the product
  • protects against contamination
  • reduces losses during boiling and cooling
  • higher yield through economy

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Eberhardt film

Our Eberhardt foils make perfectly processed cooked and raw ham possible. The film adapts exactly to the shape and the ham and has a very high shrink property, which in turn ensures better product results.

Cooked ham

  • connects optimally meat and rind
  • air is removed from the foil by pressing: therefore no air pocket
  • no vacuum pulling is required

Raw ham

  • brings water to the surface faster
  • lets product breathe
  • the ham retains its taste
  • immediate dehydration

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Automated processes are a top priority at Eberhardt: the use of state-of-the-art robotic solutions makes it possible to compensate for staff shortages in the industry and to meet increasingly stringent hygiene and quality specifications. Our fully automatic system for loading and unloading Eberhardt FOOD PRESS SYSTEMS® enables ergonomic production even of large caliber products and gentle product handling. By optimizing processes, yields can be increased and harmful influences considerably minimized. The unmanned demoulding as well as the depositing of the finished products in the expansion stage of our ultra-modern system.

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