Smoke Carts

How you easily order your smoke cart

In order to avoid bad surprises we would like to give you some advice how to measure your smoking cart without problems.

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Please add to your order:

  • type of smoke | boiling room
  • length of smoking sticks
  • number or pairs of smoking stick shelves
  • design of shelves: punched or knobbed
  • Do you want to use cooking sheets?
    If you already work with cooking sheets and if you want to use these further on please give us the dimensions of the existing ones.
  • exact dimensions of intervals between
  • (a) individual smoke stick shelves
  • (b) first shelf above bottom
  • (c) total height of cart measured from centre of roller to top edge
  • (d) outside width of smoke cart
  • (e) outside depth of smoke cart
  • (f) diameter of rollers